Happy New Year 2011 (or wake up and smell the coffee)

I have a new favorite song by the Hives, it is titled Early Morning Wake Up Call. The first version was done by Flash in the Pan and was used in the movie Easy Rider. Dennis Hopper died last year so it is fitting that I am remembering 2010 with the reference to a movie that Dennis Hopper starred in.

I just completed a road trip to visit my mother and sister who live in New Jersey.  Currently I am living in Albany Georgia so the trip was a dramatic cultural journey from the deep south to the big cities of the north east.  It was also a journey on free and open roads in the south to congested toll roads of the north. If you took time to view the video clip from the movie Easy Rider you can get some understanding on why I love to drive.  I watched this movie some time ago, but my love for watching the road and scenery go by has not left my list of things that I love to do. The morning wake up call is what the world may be going through at the moment.  After most US citizens wake up after the New Year parties so the rest of the world is waking up to face a dismal global future that will affect how many humans will survive in the future.  As I dove on my recent road trip I wondered if future generations would be able to enjoy such a pastime.  I wondered if my actions would be viewed as wasteful as I dove my big truck down the highway and enjoying the view.

So there are many ways to look at the early morning wake up call in life.  For me I usually stare down personal or work related problems and dive right into the middle of them.  Sometimes this direct approach to dealing with problems works and sometimes this does not work.  When it comes to global issues lately I have tended to lean towards being a member of the Ostrich Party and I just bury my head in the sand.  With all of the wacky weather and economic turmoil going on around the globe I find it difficult to be hopeful about the future without using science fiction magic.  My hope is that some smart kids will build a star ship and get off the planet before we destroy it or it just gives up on supporting humans.

So back to my Hive musical reference, as I was driving the back roads home from NJ I listened to this song on the Underground Garage channel on Sirius Radio.  The DJ was Jim Carey and he said that when this song came on he would listen to it  and not turn it off even if he had arrived at his destination.  It was then as I drove on new year’s eve that I listened to all of the words to Morning Wake Up Call and I discovered an amazing song.  The 20 century here on earth may seem like the party that finally came to an end at the start of the 21st century, or this may be the century like no other and the party will never end.  I do hope that everybody on the planet takes time to appreciate what is going on at the moment and to never take for granted that this existence on this planet will always be the same. I am a Darwinist and the environment of this planet will have the final say in how much parting the humans can do before the planet’s resources are depleted. Is it the environment hat is getting the morning wake up call or is it the humans?