Remember the path young Padawan

Always remember to use the complete path in your CRON scripts.  The script below will check to see if your server can ping a router, if it fails it will restart your network.  This scripts works on Red Hat based Linux systems like CentOS and Fedora.



( ! /bin/ping -c1 $ROUTER_IP >/dev/null 2>&1 ) && /etc/rc.d/init.d/./network restart

I am posting this to my blog as a reminder to myself (and others if this shows up in a search) to always use the full path to files when you use them in a CRON.  You can always run the script the command line as some user and it will work.  When you put it in the CRON it will fail.

What the heck is a Padawan?

Oracle® Database Backup and Recovery User's Guide 11g

Scripting RMAN Operations RMAN supports the use of command files to manage recurring tasks such as weekly

backups. A command file is a client-side text file containing RMAN commands,

exactly as you enter them at the RMAN prompt. You can use any file extension.The

RUN command provides a degree of flow-of-control in your scripts. To create and run a command file: 1.Use a text editor to create a command file. For example, create a command file with the following contents: # my_command_file.txt





2.Start RMAN and then execute the contents of a command file by running the@ command at the RMAN prompt: % rman RMAN> @/my_dir/my_command_file.txt # runs specified command file You can also launch RMAN with a command file to run, as shown here: % rman @/my_dir/my_command_file.txt Reporting on RMAN Operations The RMANLIST andREPORT commands generate reports on backup activities based on the RMAN repository. Use the SHOW ALL command to display the current RMAN configuration. Listing Backups Run the LIST BACKUP and LIST COPY commands to display information about

backups and datafile copies listed in the repository. For backups, you can control the

format ofLIST output with the options in the following tables.

See Also:Chapter 15, "Validating Database Files and Backups" See Also:"Using Command Files with RMAN" on page 4-3 to learn more about command files, and "Using Substitution Variables in Command Files" on page 4-4 to learn how to use substitu

via Oracle® Database Backup and Recovery User’s Guide 11g.

Paragon Square Porcelain White Coupe Plate

I have always admired restaurant quality construction and dinnerware. This afternoon when Sylvia and I were eating in a Ruby Tuesday’s in Americas, GA I found myself admiring the square dinner plates. I have always noticed square dinner plates. So I decided to search them out on the Internet and post them on my blog as a reference for later shopping use. 12-1/4

This Paragon Square Coupe Plate is sure to enhance your tabletop and food presentations.  Also compliments the Dover, Bristol, Coupe and Quad lines and all our other shaped restaurant dinnerware lines. The Paragon Square Coupe white plate is sure to spice up any tabletop. Vitrified chinaware for commercial foodservice durability makes our restaurant dinnerware the top choice for restaurants. via Paragon Square Porcelain White Coupe Plate.

Linux Bugs

I was trying to restart my network on my Fedore14 box with a crontab. I got this error/etc/init.d/functions: line 51: /dev/stderr: Permission deniedApparently I have fallen prey to an official bugBug 650103 – /etc/init.d/functions: line 51: /dev/stderr: Permission deniedI like it when I discover that I am not doing anything wrong and it is the software that is at fault.

Introducing HTML5

I am reading this book with my Safari Books Online account.

Introducing HTML5

  • By: Bruce Lawson; Remy Sharp
  • Publisher: New Riders
  • Pub. Date: July 11, 2010
  • Print ISBN-10: 0-321-68729-9
  • Print ISBN-13: 978-0-321-68729-6
  • Web ISBN-10: 0-321-71794-5
  • Web ISBN-13: 978-0-321-71794-8
  • Pages in Print Edition: 240

I like reading books online because it allows me to have the books anywhere I have a computer. since these books are technical in nature I do not have to buy them and then lug them around back and forth to and from work. I can always have the latest version of the books. I have access to all 14,752 book titles.


I am reading up on all of the new changes in HTML5. I am writing this post on a Fedora 14 bot using Blogilo. Thsi is my first time using a Linux Blogging editor to write a post to my blog.Doing this underscores how Blogging has changed how I work and create content. i started writing this Blog in Texas back in 2003 after resisting using the Internet for social purposes. Now it seems that I use the Internet socially as much as I do for business.So why write about HTML5, well HTML is what got me involved with the Internet way back in early 1990. I started learning HTML with NotePad on a Window$ NT box and later ran an Apache web server and used VI to edit my web site. A lot ahs changed since my early experences with Internet technology. I pretty much started using the Internet when browsers and HTML started back in 1989. It always seems that web browsers were always behind the curve when it came to keeping up with HTML standards. With HTML5 it looks like web browsers ahve finally won a battle. The HTML speck no longer rewuires defining a document type. It seems that the HTML standars commitee has figured out that a web browser can figure out some things on it’s own.I am going to redesign my personal web site and add some of the new features in HTML5. I want to make a page that will work on the new default web page tester, the Apple iPAD.

Caterpillar Space Train with wings

the caterpillar of the brown hooded owlet moth
the caterpillar of the brown hooded owlet moth

Starting a new drawing today. I am going to work from an inspiration that has been in my head since my early twenties. I am also using a new approach to how I get inspiration to my drawing board. I am referencing the images in this blog post from the Internet and my own work. I will display this page on my iPAD and view the images to inspire my drawing. Normally artist print or draw small thumbnail sketches to use for reference. This time I will use digital material and display it digitally for reference.

EMD FT #103, blt 1939 Dan Dawdy (reversed)
EMD FT #103, blt 1939 Dan Dawdy (reversed)

I am going to publish this posting and add to it as I feel the need during the course of the drawing.




Nubian Diamond Dwag
Nubian Diamond Dwag