Two Tomcat servers running at once

I have not done this is a while.  I wanted to get Alfresco running on my home server with a preexisting standard Tomcat installed.  It works. Now I want to get Dynamic DNS working so I can start using the Alfresco portal for storing my stuff.

I got the Dynamic DNS to work.  Right now I am using because it is easy to configure with my router firewall.  I am using a NetGear FVS318 as my firewall router and it communicates the changes in my IP address to Currently my home server is connected to CI4 and Jenney.  These are the free URLs that I have configured for now.  After we move into the new house I may decide to pay to have my URLs linked to my local server.  If I do this then I will be free of the limited storage for image files that is imposed by my hosting provider, Site Ground.

I am using Jenny for my Alfresco site and CI4 as a development site to explore web technologies.  If you want to exlpore Alfresco and collobrate on projects let me know and I will give you access to Jenny.