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Archive for April 2011

Call me Mr. Drop

I have ridden on two group rides in Albany, GA since I started bike riding on April 12, 2011. On the first ride last Saturday April 23, I rode from Albany to Dawson which is 54 miles round trip.  I started the ride at 8 AM with five other riders and kept the 18-20 MPH…

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Old School Skate Boarding

Believe it or not.. Back in the late 60s and early 70s when skate boards were being invented by crazy fools I was an early adapter.  I made a custom board in wood shop, went to the skate shop and bought two custom trucks (rabbit feet I think).  I lived in the La Jolla ghetto…

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First Bike Ride in Albany Georgia

It took over 14 months of living in Georgia before taking a spin on my Serotta Rapid Tour bike.  That is better than the five years it took me to ride a bike when I moved from California to Oregon.  I bent the fron lug on my fork back in austin when we were moving…

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Centos 5.5 build 2011

After doing a basic CentOS 5.5 KDE install the first application that I install is Google Chrome. If you want to computer to boot straight to the command line, then you need to set your default runlevel to 3. Runlevel 5 will boot you to a GUI by default. In order to change this, edit…

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CentOS 5.5 on Mac OS X

ssh -X finally got CentOS on my Mac Well sometimes the third or fourth time you try something is a charm. I finally got my CentOS desktop to display on my Mac over SSH.  I used this link to make it simple for me. The key missing link is that I finally got that my…

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Computer Surgery

Moved into the new house.  My Linux Fedora server did not like the move.  I have never lost a server or data before, but it happens to us all eventually. I must qualify my server crash with this explanation.  I have never lost production data on a server and this server was sort of an experiment…

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