First Bike Ride in Albany Georgia

It took over 14 months of living in Georgia before taking a spin on my Serotta Rapid Tour bike.  That is better than the five years it took me to ride a bike when I moved from California to Oregon.  I bent the fron lug on my fork back in austin when we were moving to Albany.  I put my bike on top of my truck in a bike rack and did not put the tire patrially in the windshield to remind me taht a bike was on the rook rack.  I started to drive through a What-A-Burger and my bike hit the warning bar.  I stopped my truck and looked at my bike in horror as I saw the bent fork.

Well today I got enough nerve to take it to a bike shop and see how much it would cost to fix it.  The mechanic told me that my ancient 1997 custom Serotta was obsolete and no one made bike frames in inches anymore. So here was the dare.  Since my bike frame was steel he said to bend it back into shape myself.

So after work I grabbed my portable vice and bent the fork lug back into position.  I was so eager to ride it that I searched for my shoes and without a helmet, gloves, or riding shorts I got on it and rode around my new neighborhood for about 30 minutes.  It worked, I had fixe my bike with cave man technology, brute force and tools from Harbor Freight.