Remote Desktop Turns Your Tablet into Your PC : 20 Tips and Tricks for Android "Froyo" Tablets

6. Remote Desktop Turns Your Tablet into Your PCAndroid 3.0 Honeycomb is the hot new OS, but we still want to show v2.2 some love! Check out these 20 tips to make your Froyo experience more delicious.ZoomWe’ve all been sprawled on the couch watching TV when you realize you need to do something on your computer but…well you’re too lazy to get up. If that’s the case, then you’re going to love RDP Remote Desktop Protocol. RDP is a networking protocol that allows a computer to be accessed and controlled through the Internet or local area network, basically allowing you to run desktop applications directly from your Android tablet, and the Android Marketplace has more than a few RDP applications to choose from.Wyse PocketCloud and Remote RDP Lite are the two most popular free RDP solutions. Each has its own advantages, for example, PocketCloud is extremely simple and quick to setup; all you need is your computer’s IP address, username, and password, and PocketCloud takes care of the rest, though it is a little limiting in terms of features and only allows one saved connection at a time for the free version. Remote RDP lets you save as many connections as you like, and offers much more useful resolution settings, very useful when using a large tablet screen; however, you’ll find that the free version does have several features disabled. Still, both offer very capable RDP solutions.

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SSH and SCP: Howto, tips & tricks « Linux Tutorial Blog

Specifying a port with scp

The scp command acts a little different when it comes to ports. You’d expect that specifying a port should be done this way:

[rechosen@localhost ~]$ scp -p yourport yourusername@yourserver:/home/yourusername/examplefile .

However, that will not work. You will get an error message like this one:

cp: cannot stat `yourport’: No such file or directory

This is caused by the different architecture of scp. It aims to resemble cp, and cp also features the -p option. However, in cp terms it means ‘preserve’, and it causes the cp command to preserve things like ownership, permissions and creation dates. The scp command can also preserve things like that, and the -p option enables this feature. The port specification should be done with the -P option. Therefore, the following command will work:

[rechosen@localhost ~]$ scp -P yourport yourusername@yourserver:/home/yourusername/examplefile .

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I have started to use RSYNC again to backup servers.  One thing that has been a problem with my initial synchronization of data is the dreaded error,

Connection reset by peer

I believe that I have resolved this time out error by adding the following changes to the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file on the server that is making the connection to a remote host.

ClientAliveInterval 300


The ClientAliveInterval will to send data across the connection every five minutes.

I know that this is not a good method to use for very long.  I will change this to use this method after my initial server copy is complete.

RSYNC server backup run on remote host


rsync -avz –delete –progress –exclude=/sys –exclude=/proc –rsh=’ssh -p22222′ /home/backup/eol/

scp -P 22222 cron/


rsync -avz –delete –progress –exclude=/sys –exclude=/proc –rsh=’ssh -p22222′ /userdata/backup/eol/

Wormley Photo Archive Gallery 3 is back

Well, after a long absence and much gnawing and gnashing of  teeth with my hosting provider I have reached a solution that gets my Photo Archive back on the Internet.  I started my experience with the Internet back around 1995 with a small HP desktop server and DSL in Portland, Oregon.  I am happy to say that I am back to running my own server out of my home in Albany, GA.  I am using a few new tricks, like Dynamic DNS so I do not have to pay for a static IP address and I am running a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 server instead of a free Linux distribution.

Hardware is also using a few new tricks.  I have given the boot to software RAID of Fake RAID.  I have a hardware RAID controller with a OS array 500GB on RAID 0 and the data is on 3 TB RAID5.

Hope you check the archive often as I will be loading up all 10,000 images over the next few days.  And I’ll be adding new current photos as I take them.

Mac Stuff » Switching between 32 bit and 64 bit mode in Snow Leopard

To check which mode you’re currently in run this command in Terminal:systemsetup -getkernelbootarchitecturesettingTo set your machine to boot into 64 bit mode enter this command and reboot:sudo systemsetup -setkernelbootarchitecture x86_64To set your machine to boot into 32 bit mode enter this command and reboot:sudo systemsetup -setkernelbootarchitecture i386One oddity I’ve found so far is that on some machines that were upgraded from Leopard to Snow Leopard this command doesn’t appear in systemsetup. Do a man systemsetup before running it to make sure you have the Snow Leopard version of systemsetup

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Are the kids alright now?

Osama bin Laden Killed: Breaking Details – The Daily Beast.

OK the evil bastard is dead.  If the American populace wants to blame Osama bin Laden for all of the bad luck and economic woes for the past 10 years, OK we got him back.  I know this day of celebration for some is no way near the replacement for loved one lost in the 9/11 disaster or the two wars that we are fighting.  I do think that I will have to believe the US government’s statement that they did kill him and dump him in the ocean.

I think that a watery grave is fitting for Osama since he will not have a place on this earth to mark his grave.  I’m usually not such a warmonger, but 9/11 really got my anger riled up.  The US has done a lot of goofy stuff, but we have also bent over backwards to help just about every country on this planet and look what thanks we get.  So as far as I’m concerned I do not care if the rest of the world does not like us for a few decades because we spent 10 years hunting down the man that we blame for 9/11.  At least the next wacko that decides to do something foolish to terrorize the US they will know that our armed forces will hunt them down and kill them and their families and then dump their bodies in the ocean.

Go Navy Seals and CIA!

Scientific Linux 6

rdesktop -u lcwormley -d asurams -k ja -g 800×600

What is this command?  Well for me the holy grail for any desktop computer operating system is to be able to connect back to a Windows box.  As a system administrator i always have to be able to get to network devices or servers.  Microsoft has always thwarted RDP clones by adding features that break them.  I am  happy to discover that Scientific Linux 6 has Rdesktop included by default and from the command line interface I can connect to a Windows box.  Of course I am using the less secure RDP on my Windows 7 desktop, but there is still hope.