Are the kids alright now?

Osama bin Laden Killed: Breaking Details – The Daily Beast.

OK the evil bastard is dead.  If the American populace wants to blame Osama bin Laden for all of the bad luck and economic woes for the past 10 years, OK we got him back.  I know this day of celebration for some is no way near the replacement for loved one lost in the 9/11 disaster or the two wars that we are fighting.  I do think that I will have to believe the US government’s statement that they did kill him and dump him in the ocean.

I think that a watery grave is fitting for Osama since he will not have a place on this earth to mark his grave.  I’m usually not such a warmonger, but 9/11 really got my anger riled up.  The US has done a lot of goofy stuff, but we have also bent over backwards to help just about every country on this planet and look what thanks we get.  So as far as I’m concerned I do not care if the rest of the world does not like us for a few decades because we spent 10 years hunting down the man that we blame for 9/11.  At least the next wacko that decides to do something foolish to terrorize the US they will know that our armed forces will hunt them down and kill them and their families and then dump their bodies in the ocean.

Go Navy Seals and CIA!