Wormley Photo Archive Gallery 3 is back

Well, after a long absence and much gnawing and gnashing of  teeth with my hosting provider I have reached a solution that gets my Photo Archive back on the Internet.  I started my experience with the Internet back around 1995 with a small HP desktop server and DSL in Portland, Oregon.  I am happy to say that I am back to running my own server out of my home in Albany, GA.  I am using a few new tricks, like Dynamic DNS so I do not have to pay for a static IP address and I am running a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 server instead of a free Linux distribution.

Hardware is also using a few new tricks.  I have given the boot to software RAID of Fake RAID.  I have a hardware RAID controller with a OS array 500GB on RAID 0 and the data is on 3 TB RAID5.

Hope you check the archive often as I will be loading up all 10,000 images over the next few days.  And I’ll be adding new current photos as I take them.