Haitian Reef Voodoo
Haitian Reef Voodoo

Bethany Hamilton Surfer
Bethany Hamilton Surfer

So I am researching ideas for my next picture.

So here is another goofy surfer pose that may make a good pencil drawing.

Here is another one.

Eric Dill from 1st Recon Battalion
Eric Dill from 1st Recon Battalio

Sally Fitzgibbons stalls for tube
Sally Fitzgibbons stalls for tube

My server needs new UPS

I am thinking about investing in a larger UPS for my home server. The Tripp-Lite price and power input fit my situation.

SU1500XLSMARTONLINE™ SeriesSmartOnline 1.5kVA On-Line Double-Conversion UPS, Tower, 100/110/120V NEMA outlets1500VA / 1.5kVA / 1200 watt on-line double-conversion tower UPS110/120V +/-2% output at 50/60Hz, high efficiency economy mode optionExpandable runtime, Hot-swappable battery modulesUSB, RS232 & EPO ports; support for SNMP/WEB card optionsFront panel status LEDs with detailed load and battery metering2 independently switchable output load banksNEMA 5-15P input; 5-15R outlets

via SU1500XL – SmartOnline 1.5kVA On-Line Double-Conversion UPS, Tower, 100/110/120V NEMA outlets.

The power goes out for short periods of time a lot here in Albany during thunder storms.  I have always had the 750 watt UPS on my computers, but this server has a 1200 watt power supply and the 750 watt UPS will not heep it from re-booting during the slightest power fluctuation.

Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac

Finally broke down and installed MS Office for 2011 on my Mac Book Pro.  Up to now I have only used MS Office f2010 or Windows on my Fusion virtual machine. MS Office 2008 for the Mac was useless for me because the email program Entourage was so bad it was not worth it.  It is ashamed that the most valuable program that MS Makes is Outlook.  Enterprises are addicted to email and use it for everything.

So this will be my first week using Outlook for the Mac.  So far it has many of the features that the Windows version has.  It does not have the Access database program, but most folks do not use this program so it is OK.  I will see how long I can work without switching on my virtual machine.

SVN notes

When you add a user to your Apache password file do not use the -c option as it will wipe out your existing file and create a new one.  Use the -d option to specify Crypt so password reset page will work.

htpasswd -d svn-auth-file username

This will prompt you for username and password

svn list

This allows you to specify username and password.

svn list  — username yourusername –password yourpassword