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Archive for October 2011

Chrome OS

I have been running the Chrome OS on my ASUS NetBook for about a week.  I really like it and Chrome OS has broken the strangle hold that my iPad has had as my preferred mobile computing device.  The only reason that I use my iPad is because it has 3G built in.  If my…

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My blog is open for comments.

For most of it’s existence I have not allowed comments to my blog with prior registration and approval by me.  Starting today I am allowing comments.  I want to see who makes comments and it the anti spam program Akismet really works.

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I am going to be a DJ

Well I added a new category to my blog, Blues.  Why did I do this, well I am going to accomplish something that I have always wanted to do, be a DJ at a radio station.  Not sure why I have never actively pursued this passion until now, but I am doing it now. As a visual artist I…

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