Plasticine Corn Rows With Butter Fly Eyes Gone Digital 03

Getting the eyes right

For this blog please reference the original drawing below. One of the things that I wanted to accomplish with this project is to learn how to paint using digital tools.  Converting a complex drawing is also a task at hand, but I really want to get good at using Adobe PhotoShop to render a decent image that meets my expectations.  I also wanted to fix a few things that I could not do in the original because of the limitations of the color pencils.  Look at the left eye and notice that I added two eye lashes that I wanted to add in the original but making major drawing changes with color pencils after you have built up a lot of color is near impossible.  This is where traditional painting and digital painting have the advantage, you can apply color on top of color with better results than you can with color pencils.

I am also using layers to organize the elements and get the colors and details aligned to give better depth perception on the face.  In this progress image you can see that I have placed two colors of stripes which is the layer underneath the bright yellow facial swirls.  I have started to add the missing lower part of the image which did not exist in the original.  The lower lip and chin were not available in the original because I have changed the proportions of this image when I enlarged it from  14 x 17 inches to 30 x 40 inches.

I really like being able to think with my pencils, but they do limit what I can do with the image once I start drawing.  I have resisted using digital methods for a long time, but the ease of clean up verses traditional painting is like it is non existent.  I am not sure if digital prints will sell better than original art for me at this point.  At this stage in my creative journey I am still experimenting with digital painting.

You can purchase a print of this drawing from the Wormley Design Launi Art Shop.

Full-screen view shortcut – Picasa and Picasa Web Albums Help

I got this tip directly from Google.


Full-screen view shortcut

This shortcut is not supported on Picasa for Mac

Picasa includes a helpful shortcut that allows you to view your photos full screen in the main Library view and also on the ‘Edit Photo’ screen.

Hover your cursor over the photo you wish to view full screen.

Press and hold the Ctrl + Alt keys on your keyboard.

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Drawing on my Macbook Pro

Why a really like my Mac.  I just wanted to say that right now I am working with Adobe CS5 Photoshop on a 30 inch Apple display drawing with my 12 x 19 Wacom tablet all powered by a MackBook Pro 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with solid state drives and 8GB RAM.  This is my dream machine and it works as expected. Yeah it has Windows on it and Linux, but I love drawing just on the Mac.  I would buy another one especially now that the Intel i7 is powering the machine.

My fist computer was a Mac II.  I when I cracked a solder joint on the mouse input upgraded the motherboard to a Mac II FX for $2,500.  My next computer was a Mac II CI.  After trying to run AutoCad 3D on it and seeing no end in sight for expensive hardware (compared to PC) I switched to the PC world as soon as Adobe and Illustrator running on Windows.  So now I have come full circle back to using a Mac to draw some twenty four years later.

Plasticine Corn Rows With Butter Fly Eyes Gone Digital 02

More eyelash workYikes, I was listening to Mahavishnu John McLaughlin tonight as I was drawing in PhotoShop.  Sometimes I for get what kind of person I was between High school and my first real job.  It is no surprise to me that I draw the way that I do.  I grew up listening to what I now describe as acid jazz.  Miles Davis playing Bitches Brew and the Mahavishnu orchestra were a daily hymn to my spirit.

You can purchase a print of this drawing from the Wormley Design Launi Art Shop.

Plasticine Corn Rows With Butter Fly Eyes Gone Digital 01

I am embarking into a new area for my art.  It is an area that I have dabbled in for over a decade.  I have struggled between work and daily life to get to the point of digitizing my color pencil art.  I got a high quality scan of one of my drawings and I decided to take it into PhotoShop and have some fun.  In order to do this work I am using a Wacom Intuos PTZ1231w 12 x 19 tablet and a Apple 30 inch monitor.

If you look to the left side of this partial view of my drawing you can see that I am smoothing the colors together.   I took the original file which was 15 x 22 inches and I scaled it up to 40 x 30 inches.  When I am finished I will have another piece of original artwork, but it will be larger and can be printed on archive quality paper or canvas.

When I draw with color pencils I can create and think from my imagination a lot better than I can when I work on my computer.  Discovering different ways to be creative is what is great about creating art, sometimes you have to use many tools to get that idea out into the real world.  Now that I have the idea out I can refine the shapes and colors anyway I want.

Lonnie drawing using digital methods
Lonnie drawing using digital methods

You can purchase a print of this drawing from the Wormley Design Launi Art Shop.

Install Firefox 8 on Fedora 16/15, CentOS/Red Hat RHEL 6

I finally got sick of the nagging message to update Firefox 3.x on my RHEL 6 machine.  I wanted to upgrade using YUM so here is my reminder of what to do.

5. Update or Install Mozilla Firefox 8Fedora 16/15yum –enablerepo=updates-testing update firefox## OR ##yum –enablerepo=updates-testing install firefoxFedora 14/13/12, CentOS 6 and Red Hat RHEL 6yum –enablerepo=remi update firefox## OR ##yum –enablerepo=remi install firefox

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100,000 miles

Last week my Dodge truck odometer  clicked over to 100K miles.  I have a2006 Dodge 3500 with a Cumins diesel engine in it.  This is the first American truck or car that I have purchased and I love it.  I have driven this truck from coast to coast and from Oregon to Florida and California to New York.  I love driving this truck and I hope to live long enough to put 1,000,000 on it. | Tips and Tricks Copy Command

Solution: To change this behavior, edit the /root/.bashrc file and comments out or remove the alias line that adds the -i argument to the cp command:# alias cp=cp -iThe changes should take affect when a new user session is started or the /root/.bashrc file has been sourced in the current session.Update:Several astute readers mailed us with refinements for this response. Heres what they had to say:Theres a reason why cp is aliased to cp -i in _roots_ .bashrc and .cshrc/.tcshrc .cshrc and .tcshrc are not mentioned in the original response. After all, do you really want root to be able to overwrite a file without checking?There is a way around the problem that retains the copy protections in roots shell. Heres how:$ cp -f <filename> <path/to/existing_file>Backslashing the command temporarily avoids the alias done in the shell but does not permanently remove the protection.$ aliasalias cp=cp -i [snip other aliases]$ cd /tmp$ touch test$ touch test2$ cp test test2cp: overwrite `test2? n$ cp -f test test2cp: overwrite `test2? n$ cp test test2$Thanks to all our readers who mailed in with comments and corrections on this point.

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