Plasticine Corn Rows With Butter Fly Eyes Gone Digital 01

I am embarking into a new area for my art.  It is an area that I have dabbled in for over a decade.  I have struggled between work and daily life to get to the point of digitizing my color pencil art.  I got a high quality scan of one of my drawings and I decided to take it into PhotoShop and have some fun.  In order to do this work I am using a Wacom Intuos PTZ1231w 12 x 19 tablet and a Apple 30 inch monitor.

If you look to the left side of this partial view of my drawing you can see that I am smoothing the colors together.   I took the original file which was 15 x 22 inches and I scaled it up to 40 x 30 inches.  When I am finished I will have another piece of original artwork, but it will be larger and can be printed on archive quality paper or canvas.

When I draw with color pencils I can create and think from my imagination a lot better than I can when I work on my computer.  Discovering different ways to be creative is what is great about creating art, sometimes you have to use many tools to get that idea out into the real world.  Now that I have the idea out I can refine the shapes and colors anyway I want.

Lonnie drawing using digital methods
Lonnie drawing using digital methods

You can purchase a print of this drawing from the Wormley Design Launi Art Shop.