I wanted to add a larger hard drive to my computer running Windows Vista.  I had filled up a 250GB drive that was out of space.  I wanted to clone the drive and put the contents on a 1TB drive.  I used Clonezilla to do this.

I downloaded the Clonezilla ISO file and burned it to a CD using a program called Tuxboot.  I inserted my new drive and rebooted the computer from the ISO.  I followed the instructions and 1 hour later I had cloned my drive.

I rebooted my computer on the new drive and I got a Windows error that the drive would not boot and that I should insert the Windows Vista media to fix the error.  I could not find my Vista media at the moment, so I booted from the original drive.  I found that the cloned drive had been written to the 1TB drive with the original partition.  I used Windows disk manager to resize the partition to the full 1TB disk.

When I found my Vista media I rebooted the computer using the cloned drive and fixed the boot error.  Then I rebooted and the new cloned drive worked.

Clonezilla is open source software and it works.

What kind of team do I want to lead.

So when I woke up in my career and found myself leading a team instead of being in it I was sort of schocked.  I am not forgetting what it is like to be on a team and this is why I can deal with being a team leader.  I have been on a lot of teams some that I have enjoyed and some that I have endured.

So tonight I was watching NCIS LA and I heard that Linda Hunt playing the OSP’s operations manager Hetty Lang had a line where she said that she had a complementary team of independent thinkers. This statement is the reason for this Blog post. I want a team like this.  Yeah, I am sure that I am an independant thinker, but to have a whole team like this may be like hearding cats.  On the upside it would be like having an endless view of all sides of a problem and easy acceptance of a group solution.

So how do you build a team like this? How do you cultivate a team like this?  I am not sure I have all of this figured out, buy I am exploring the possibilities of building such a team.  Well one way that I know I want to build the team is to treat my team members that way that I liked being treated when I work on teams.  I will motivate my team with positive encouragement and not resort to berating criticisms on work performance.

I want a team of a complementary team of independent thinkers.

Good bye 2011 and welcome to 2012

Another year has past and now a new year begins. Not sure why we place so much importance on the passing of a year, but this is my annual posting to express my reflections on the passing of time. This holiday season I kept the lowest profile ever. When I still had my kids in the house holidays were focused on their enjoyment.  I have many fond memories of holidays with them.  Now that they are not around each year the holidays get less of my attention.

Normally I like to live each day like any other and not place a lot of importance on special days. This is the first time in about 5 years that I have taken more than a week of continous vacation.  So for me the end of the year usually means that I have a time to stand down from work and spend time with family and friends. Giving the gift of presence and being in the moment is how I want to live every day.  Every day is special if you want it to be special.

This year I spent two weeks with my wife brother  John and his wife Phyllis. Sylvia and I flew out to Santa Rosa California and we spent time among northern California’s finest wine drinking organic food eating hippies. I even got to drive a Toyota Prius for a few hundred miles along the coast.

Once Sylvia and I returned home we watched two end of the world movies. We watched 2012 and Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines. No matter how bad the future mat seem it is always good to know that a movie can make reality look better.

Every time I go back to California I sort of get home sick.  This time I felt like a long lost visitor. Yeah it is cool to have a Whole Foods and a Fry’s, but the small houses and traffic I do not miss a bit. It is refreshing to visit California but after living for two years in SW Georgia it is always good to be in a place that feels like home.

One facet of my life will be transformed in 2012 and that is my diet.  When I moved to Texas I sort of gave up on eating healthy foods.  Even though I was running and biking I felt that my health and diet were OK.  Now that I am in Georgia I have not been as active as I would like and by eating habits have been not so good. My excuse has been that there is not a good source for organic foods in my area so I will just eat what is available.  Well I am going to trasform this attitude and support my wife’s efforts in eating more organic fruits and vegetables.  I use to work in a health food juice bar and that experience made a powerful impression on what I eat.  Most times having the knowledge is not enough to make a transformation, you have to choose it make the effort to reach your goal. So for 2012, more smoothies, home made juices and less fast food.

I will continue to take each day as it comes and I look forward to the many experiences that I will have in 2012.