My first half marathon via walking

Today I walked over 13.1 miles which qualifies me to say that I walked a half marathon in just over 3 hours.  This is the last walk of the month for me so I wanted to do a special walk.

This month I have walked 178 miles. I could not have run this many miles in one month when I was running back in 2008-2009.  I feel that my stamina is good and I can walk a full marathon when I have enough time to do it.

I learned a lot from my trail running coach and all of the folks that I met on the trails in Austin.  I know how to prepare my back pack for a long walk.  I live in a part of Albany that has lots of streets that have little or no traffic.  These are residential streets with lots of trees and interesting houses to look at.  It is in these neighborhoods that I walk every morning and I have let go of the mach ego that I had about not being able to run on trails and accepted the challenge of being a power walker on pavement.   As usual the biggest thing that stops me from getting to my goals is me.

Most of the time I walk and listen to the sounds of the neighborhood, but today I used my phone and listened to my Pandora station that plays Acid Jazz.  The music kept me going and prevented me from losing focus and kept me at my 13 mile per minute pace.  Overall I have a nice three hour walk.

My first 10 mile walk

For the first time I have walked 10 miles.  I have run this distance and further before, but I have never walked this far. This is the course that I walked. I did my 5 mile loop twice.

Past 30 day Progress Summary Report for walking

Count:37 Activities
Distance:152.29 mi
Time:39:19:33 h:m:s
Elevation Gain:1,613 ft
Avg Speed:3.9 mph
Calories:16,931 C
Max Speed:2,583.1 mph

This week I walked the same course 5 times

I wanted to walk 25 miles this week so I selected a course that would loop 5 miles. I decided to make a goal of walking 1,000 miles this year just like I made a goal to run 1,000 miles in 2008.  The main point of my goals and keeping track of the miles is to make a game out of consistent exercise.  For me walking is sustainable exercise that allows me to relax and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Here is a map of the loop from my house around the Doublegate Golf Course.

Below is a summary report of my walks for this week

Progress Summary Report for wormlelo
Count:5 Activities
Distance:25.40 mi
Time:6:11:35 h:m:s
Elevation Gain:318 ft
Avg Speed:4.1 mph
Calories:2,802 C
Max Speed:13.5 mph

Last month I walked 146 miles, and this month I want to walk 150 miles.  I could not have realized that these types of goals were possible without measurement.  I have been tracking my walking using my Garmin 405 so with the knowledge of this walking data I can set effective goals. Having this knowledge about what is possible from just walking everyday I now feel empowered to set a goal that will equal the distance that I ran in 2008, only this year I may walk further.  Sustainable exercising is what is important to me now, not speed or distance.  I want to walk everyday and not get injured or burn out and not be inspired to exercise.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview

I have been playing around with the developer’s release of Windows 8 for a few months.  It of course had some issues.  Today I updated to the latest Windows 8 Consumer preview and it is really improved.

I do not have a tablet or touch screen computer, but I can see how nice having one will improve using Windows 8. During the past year I have used an iPad, a NetBook running ChromeOS and Windows 7.  Of all of the operating systems I feel that Windows is still the best for me.  Although the Mac OS is really nice it is only appealing for my daily work because MS Office 2011 finally works and has Outlook.  Having one Operating System (OS) for mobile devices and computers is the holy grail for users.

So maybe my next phone will be running Windows Mobile 8.  Maybe my next personal computer will be a ultra notebook with detachable display that will function as a tablet.  I am going to play close attention to see how Windows 8 improves and I hope it is released for production this year.