This week I walked the same course 5 times

I wanted to walk 25 miles this week so I selected a course that would loop 5 miles. I decided to make a goal of walking 1,000 miles this year just like I made a goal to run 1,000 miles in 2008.  The main point of my goals and keeping track of the miles is to make a game out of consistent exercise.  For me walking is sustainable exercise that allows me to relax and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Here is a map of the loop from my house around the Doublegate Golf Course.

Below is a summary report of my walks for this week

Progress Summary Report for wormlelo
Count:5 Activities
Distance:25.40 mi
Time:6:11:35 h:m:s
Elevation Gain:318 ft
Avg Speed:4.1 mph
Calories:2,802 C
Max Speed:13.5 mph

Last month I walked 146 miles, and this month I want to walk 150 miles.  I could not have realized that these types of goals were possible without measurement.  I have been tracking my walking using my Garmin 405 so with the knowledge of this walking data I can set effective goals. Having this knowledge about what is possible from just walking everyday I now feel empowered to set a goal that will equal the distance that I ran in 2008, only this year I may walk further.  Sustainable exercising is what is important to me now, not speed or distance.  I want to walk everyday and not get injured or burn out and not be inspired to exercise.