503 miles and I am Half way to my goal

I am half way to my goal of walking 1,000 miles in the year of 2012.

Progress Summary Report for wormlelo
Count:118 Activities
Distance:503.04 mi
Time:131:32:03 h:m:s
Elevation Gain:6,550 ft
Avg Speed:3.8 mph
Calories:57,415 C

This morning I did a typical loop around the golf course.

The big 60

Today I walked 6 miles. My total mileage for the year is 497 miles.

Progress Summary Report for wormlelo
Count:117 Activities
Distance:497.01 mi
Time:130:05:09 h:m:s
Elevation Gain:6,477 ft
Avg Speed:3.8 mph
Calories:56,762 C

Lonnie Wormley

So as I reflect on turning 60 I am reminded that I have aged, but I am still enjoying the same things I enjoyed as a younger man.  I walked today listening to music on my Sony headphones connected to a Droid mobile phone that was playing music from an Internet application called Pandora.  When I was in my early 30s I had one for the first Sony Discman’s.  When I took my lunch break at work I would walk around outside and listen to music.  My first CD was by Dire Straits who had just recorded the first full digital recording, Brothers in Arms.

So as I think about what has changed in 30 years I can say that one thing has stayed the same, I love music and I can still walk.  I have decided to stop playing basketball and have given up on long distance endurance running to save my knees for the rest of my life.  I may appear as just another brick in the wall, but inside I am still shining like a crazy diamond.

Another half marathon 13.1 Saturday afternoon walk

After walking every weekday morning in the dark I want to see the world in daylight.  On weekends I look forward to walking when the sun is out.  Today I decided to go and walk along the Flint River.  I was so inspired that I walked all the way down to Oakridge Drive and crossed over and cam back through Albany State University.

Last month I surpassed my goal of 150 miles and walked 178.84 miles. So far this year I have walked 440.72 miles.  I am  measuring my walks using my Garmin 405.

I took some short videos with my phone that will show some of the areas that I walked through during my 13.1 mile walk on Saturday afternoon.

I finally hit 200 pounds again

I have lost 15 pounds since I started my everyday walking plan this year. I am not intentionally dieting, but i have eliminated corn syrup drinks from my diet.

I am enjoying my early morning walks before work.  This month I am starting to use my bask pack that I used when I was trail running.  It makes drinking water easier than the small water bottle that I have been using that I carry around my waist.