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Archive for May 2012

Running addiction

Who am I fooling?  I started out this year with the goal of walking 1,000 miles.  Today I am at mile 692 so I am on target for reaching my goal.  The problem is that I am starting to run.  This is a real dilemma for me because I do not want to injure my knees by running on…

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602 miles

I wanted to have walked 600 miles by the end of April.  I fell short by 4 miles. so far this year I have walked 602 miles. Progress Summary Report for wormlelo Count: 134 Activities Distance: 602.63 mi Time: 156:31:07 h:m:s Elevation Gain: 7,554 ft Avg Speed: 3.8 mph Calories: 68,181 C Today as I…

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