602 miles

I wanted to have walked 600 miles by the end of April.  I fell short by 4 miles. so far this year I have walked 602 miles.

Progress Summary Report for wormlelo

Count:134 Activities
Distance:602.63 mi
Time:156:31:07 h:m:s
Elevation Gain:7,554 ft
Avg Speed:3.8 mph
Calories:68,181 C

Today as I walked listening to my Steely Dan radio station on Pandora I heard a song by the Eagles, Take It Easy.  When I was young  I  used to this phrase as my mantra, “Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy”.  Lately I have had to start using it again so that I can ease up on a few of my self made goals for my exercising activities.  It is OK to have golas, but you do not have to be obsessive about meeting them all of the time.  Hence the phrase “Take It Easy”.