Snow White and the Huntsman

I went to see Snow White and the Huntsman this weekend. This is not a Disney flick, so do not take your toddlers to see this.  I am not sure if it is a chick flick, but in Albany, GA at the Friday evening 8:30 PM showing on June 1, 2012 there were no males in the theater that were not accompanied by a female.  In fact there were large groups of females in attendance.  Anyway I enjoyed the film especially the evil queen.  You can not have a real hero or heroine with out a truly evil character in a film.

What I like about this version of Snow White is that it is a real Grimm fairy tale.  Just like the fist movie and TV versions of Batman got it wrong, but the Dark Knight got it right, so does this version of Snow White get it right.  If the evil queen is truly vain enough to believe that she is the fairest in the land then how do you so how this, well by killing off all of the fair maidens around you.

No spoilers in this commentary, go see the filme it is worth a data night with your honey.

My Skil Saw model 825

I have a Skil Saw model 825, serial number 985414.  I was told by the Skil repair shop in Los angeles back in 1980 that this saw was manufactured in 1952.  I have had the saw in my possession since about 1976.  I love this saw.  It is the only thing that I have kept with me as I have moved from California, to Washington state, then to Oregon and Texas and now Georgia.  Through the years other worldly items have come and gone, but I still have my Skil Saw 825.

Today I decided to check the oil and clean it up a bit.  the image in this post is before the cleaning.  i’ll post a picture later after it is cleaned up a bit.