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Archive for September 2012

Why Do I Like Bike Commuting

All to often I forget about the things that truly bring joy to my life.  Most of the things in this category are things that are very simple, things that I can do by myself or they have a direct function and immediate benefit.  Two of the things that fall into this list are drawing…

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My first bike commute in Albany GA

When diesel gets to $4.00 a gallon and I get a huge cut in my pay it is time to break out the old Serrotta and start commuting by bike.  I have bike commuted off and on to every day job that I have had since the mid 1980’s until now.  I rode my bike…

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Convert RHEL 6 to CentOS 6.3

Every so often I search the Internet and I find what I am looking for to solve a problem.  This site has all of the steps to do what I wanted to do.  I have a server at my house that has been turned off for a few months.  It had an expired RHEL 6…

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