My first bike commute in Albany GA

When diesel gets to $4.00 a gallon and I get a huge cut in my pay it is time to break out the old Serrotta and start commuting by bike.  I have bike commuted off and on to every day job that I have had since the mid 1980’s until now.  I rode my bike to work in Orange California, Portland, Oregon, Austin, Texas and now Albany, Georgia.

This is the second shortest bike commute that I have had which is about 8.5 miles.  When I lived a trailer in Austin, Texas at one point I had a 7 mile bike commute one way.  My rule of the bike commute is that I need to ride at least twice as long as it takes me to shower and get to my desk to make it worth the effort.  In Portland my direct ride to work was about 12 miles one way.  To make the ride more interesting sometimes I would take a longer route and do about 25 miles on my way to work.  I will most likely start to do this in Albany because I always have a hard time starting a ride, but once I start i have a hard time stopping.  riding a bike is really fun.

Anyway this is just a little not to document my adventure on the flat roads of southwest Georgia.