Cycle Thoughts – Cold Sweat

James Brown was from Macon Georgia about 90 minutes by car from where I live in Albany Georgia.  Today as I rode to work in the fog in 54 degree air temperature and 100% humidity I finally got the meaning of Mr  Brown’s lyrics, “cold sweat”.  I had to wear my arm warmers and I knew that I had to ride hard and fast to get warm.  What I did not realize is that I would be cold and sweating like a pig at the same time.  This is a new experience for me as i’m use to riding when it is cold and dark, but not sweating so much that my Gutr Guard still overflows like it does on a hot summer day.  Truly I got the “cold sweat” Georgia style.

Today’s pace, 3.44 minutes per mile and I averaged 16.0 miles per hour over 12.46 miles.