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Archive for November 2012

Week 47 Cycling

With the Thanksgiving Holiday week requiring me to work Monday and Tuesday I did not bike commute for the rest of the week.  Last week I had to drive Sylvia to the dentist so I did not bike commute on Wednesday or Friday.  For week 46 I only rode 46 miles.  I wanted to ride…

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Tune out the voice in your head

I am really inspired by my latest drawing. The image on this page is the bottom right corner of my current work in progress. Most of the time I have a vision of what I am drawing, but there are times when I turn my mind off and let my emotions and artistic ability flow…

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Back to my trail running waist size

So finally I am using the belt hole that I used after running my 100k in January 2009.  My life is a long path of waxing and waning waist sizes.  i never throw out pants when they become too large as i lose weight nor do i throw out pants when I can not get…

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Life is a game, play it and complain

This blog entery gets it title from a phrase in the song Accidents by Thunderclap Newman. I have come to realize that my attitude towards life was shaped in a large way by the music that I listened to as a teen.  This song did not fully materialize into my consciousness until after I had completed the Landmark Forum.  Once I realized…

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