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Archive for December 2012

Good bye 2012 and welcome to 2013

I had to look back at my goals from last year.  I did transform my diet and lost about 20 pounds and three inches from my waist.  I traveled 2,602 miles in 2013 by human power.  The human power was measured walking, running and biking. I purchased a juicer and I have started juicing greens and…

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Bike for Chocolate

There is an age old argument that continues to rage in the US among dieters.  The issue is that they want to lose weight and deny themselves calories and sweets in order to lose weight.  Some diet plans and food makers offer concepts called cheating. This concept of cheating is riduculas to me.  For one thing…

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Week 49 Cycling

For week 49 My odometer reads 1,608 miles in my 3 years in Georgia.  I have ridden about 1,300 miles this year since September 24 2012.  Since week 47 I have ridden about 248 miles.

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Cycling Thunder Thighs, the Ultimate E Ticket

Lily Pond road Oak Trees When you find yourself struggling to get up the inspiration to exercise something is wrong.  Maybe you need to pick a different way to exercise.  When I get in the groove of bike commuting there are days when it is difficult to get up on a cold morning and bike into work.  There…

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