Cycling Thunder Thighs, the Ultimate E Ticket

Lily Pond road Oak Trees
Lily Pond road Oak Trees

When you find yourself struggling to get up the inspiration to exercise something is wrong.  Maybe you need to pick a different way to exercise.  When I get in the groove of bike commuting there are days when it is difficult to get up on a cold morning and bike into work.  There is a thrill after I get started that does not wane as I put more miles on my bike.  This morning was on of those times when everything went perfect, so I am writing this blog entry to inspire me in the future when I am having a difficult day.

For starters I want to paraphrase a Neil Young lyric,

I would rather burn out on my bike on a country road than rust away in a lazy boy watching TV.

For those of you who went to Disneyland in the early days you remember the ticket ranges from A to E.  A being the kiddie rides and E being the really cool scary rides.  I rate my bike commutes the same way.  When I start bike commuting I start by riding the most direct route which is the A route which in Albany is 8 miles.  My E route is 25 miles or more.  Today I road my E route and it was a blast. I love leaving home in the dark and riding down 8 Mile Road and watching the first red dawn light cast dark silhouettes against the pine trees.  I get a deep focus of thought as I drink in the dark landscape through my head light as my thunder thighs deliver power to my bike as I zip along the country blacktop.

My E ticket ride takes me along Lily Pond Road which has about a half a mile canopy of 100 year oak trees on both sides of the road.  I’ll post a picture soon, but this part of my ride is special.  I love getting to this part of my commute because the sky is light enough for me to really enjoy riding under the arching branches of the oaks that cover the whole road as I ride through.

I am so grateful to have the ability to ride to work.  I hope that I continue to be able to enjoy the simple things in life like riding my bike.