Good bye 2012 and welcome to 2013

I had to look back at my goals from last year.  I did transform my diet and lost about 20 pounds and three inches from my waist.  I traveled 2,602 miles in 2013 by human power.  The human power was measured walking, running and biking. I purchased a juicer and I have started juicing greens and added them to my daily diet.

What I am amazed at is the fact that in late September I started bike commuting.  I rode 1, 643 miles from September 24 to December 17.  I almost rode everyday to work. I have never done this before in my life.  I am so inspired to have the ability to ride my bike and I am grateful for my health.

So even though i did not make my goal of walking 2,000 miles this year I exceeding my expectations by running 146 miles.  I never expected to start running because running takes a toll on my knees and back so I do not want to get gung-ho on running. I enjoy running on the golf course and trails and try to stay off of the streets because they are so hard.  I walked 1,123 miles this year so I feel that this was a good year for my exercise plan.

Next year in 2013 I want to apply my running and riding by entering some events.  I will ride my bike in some 100 km to 300 km rides.  I am seriously considering entering the half marathon in Albany this February.  I will continue my path to sustainable healthy activities.  I do not want to go back to being a stagnant fast food eating slug.  My human power goal for 2013 is to travel 10,000 Kilometers (6,213 miles) under my own power.  I am going to start measuring all of my distances in metric units.