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Archive for January 2013

Juice for Today

Today’s juice consisted of Spinach, two small celery sticks, two Roma tomatoes, one orange, one quarter beet and carrots.  The key ratio that I like about this juice is that I did not over due it with adding one whole beet as this makes the juice too sweet for me.  I also did not over…

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Ecospace Prefab Garden Studios : TreeHugger

Ecospace Prefab Garden Studios by Lloyd Alter, Toronto on 06.24.06 DESIGN & ARCHITECTURE (prefab) We have shown a lot of small prefabs for home and country recently (like the BlueSkyMod, Modern Playshed and Deckhouse) but this building form was really developed in England, where people have been building gorgeous and elaborate garden sheds for years.…

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Rain Warter storage tanks

This is a nice image of a series of plastic containers that are being used for rain water harvesting.  these white tanks must be shielded from sunlight so that algae does not grow in the water. The black tanks can be stored anywhere since they store the water shielded from sunlight.  the black plastic is UV protected.…

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My personal struggle with my server

I have been struggling with my Linux server as of late.  the problems have been focused on dirty power.  The home that I live in has had some power surges that have whacked the server and I have been struggling to get it back.  I have not had the funds to purchase an adequate UPS…

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My neckties 20121009

This is my cowboy curly que tie. I made up this game at the start of the fall school year in 2012. The game was to wear all of my ties before repeating a day wearing a tie. I have one more tie to wear before I start over so this is a good time…

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