Diversion Binge Entertainment on Netflix

I normally do not wake up at 4:30 AM on the weekends.  This weekend is the second weekend that I have to work on a special project in the data center.   Since I did not want to go back to sleep and I am taking a break from cycling because of a minor skin rash, I decided to watch some Netflix.

One show I like a lot is New Girl.  I started watching it when I had cable but only saw a few episodes.  Now I am watching the first season and I really enjoy it.  New Girl has all the elements for a good comedy show, a quirky main character who is so Lucy like in her mannerisms and a good supporting cast.  The show also makes me laugh and think in each episode.  The humor always has a focus and sometimes it makes me tear up.

The next show that I just discovered today is called Hit & Miss.  This is a show that not everyone will like, but it has all of the elements that I like in a good action drama.  First of all in the pilot someone gets killed in the first two minutes, so  that means that I will most likely like it.  The main thing that draws me into this drama is the subject matter and the way that British stories are written with what seems like a careless abandon that does not follow what I sometimes see as normal.  I like the fact that when I watch entertainment that is written and produced outside of the United States I will always get a different view of my world. I am not going to give any details about this show, but if you like intense dramas that delve into social issues then you will love this show.  I just watched two episodes and had to tear myself away from watching a third.

Casa Rio del Colores

I am attending a family wedding this weekend.  My step son Dean Lackey is getting married to Anne Marie.  The wedding is being held at an eclectic event location out in the country between Leander and Liberty hill Texas.  the property is adjacent to the blue hole on Google maps.  this is a small creek tat is just big enough to get tubes and kayaks in and just float around to keep cool.

I took some pictures of the buildings just before the wedding to give you an impression of true Austin decor.  the woman that owes this property also owns a business in Austin called Lucy in Disguise. This is a great costume shop and if you are ever in Austin you have got to check out south congress Avenue.

Healthy and Happy

I am at a place in my life where I am health and happy. Getting to this state was no accident. I have had to listen and learn and I have had to turn a deaf ear to a lot of advice along my journey.
My eating  and exercise habits are at the heart of my health. Before continuing I will state what you should written by an author or speaker that offers health advice, This is what works for me. I eat what I want and I exercise because it is fun.
I was in a conversation with some close friends as we were watching the 2013 Tour de France. The discussion topic drifted to long distance cycling. I mentioned how I would love to do the Ride Across America. The reaction from some was that it would be like torture to ride that long. This morning as I was riding my 50 mile commute I thought about what experiences that others would enjoy that I would think were torture. A few came to mind.
1. Going to church
2. Listening to Yanni
3. Discussing politics
4. Swimming laps in a pool.
I eat as health as I can afford and tolerate. For example I juice organic fruits an vegetables and I eat Pay Day candy bars on long bike rides. I eat organic eggs and Malt-o-Meal imitation Captain Crunch for breakfast. I get protein from pork chop biscuits or Greek yogurt and organic whey powder.
This mash up diet is what keeps me healthy and happy. If I ate what folks say is good for me I would not be happy. What is the point of having health if you have no love for life? There has to be a balance and everybody has to find their own balance. Sometimes my balance will swing too far in a direction that does not work so I adjust. I listen to my body and it generally tells me what is working and what is not working.
Well, gotta end this and finish my ride to work.