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Archive for August 2013

Tree mural entry way Day 3 and 4

I finished the wall mural.  It took two more days.  I did not want to pain a bunch or flowers by hand so I broke out my air brush and made three stencils for the flowers.  All in all it turned out OK.  I am a bit rusty on painting, but I really like to…

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Tree mural entry way Day 1

+Sylvia Wormley wanted a tree mural for her birthday, so here goes. The inspiration that Sylvia wants in the entry room My sample palette and paint cans.  The thumbnail plan. Blank wall with masking tape on wood work.  You can barely see the chalk lines. Blank wall with masking tape on wood work.  You can…

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Lighting home projects

I finished a number of lighting projects this weekend at the homestead.  These projects have been hanging around for a long time.  +Sylvia Wormley wanted a ceiling fan over the kitchen table.  She also wanted the chandelier moved from above the kitchen table into the entryway.  When we bought the home there were some old…

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