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Archive for January 2014

Sliding Interior Barn Doors

I want to add some sliding doors to my home.  I am putting some of my favorites on this page for reference. Here is the basic hardware. Modern Interior Doors by Other Metro Doors Top Roller Hardware Crafts Manufacture Co.Ltd I like these doors, but I would put frosted glass in between the wood slats.…

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Snowmageddon in Albany Georgia

 Last night there was a light dusting of snow that fell on Albany, GA.  The near panic that preceded this icy precipitation down here was so extreme that even fast food restaurants were closing early on Tuesday afternoon. Fortunately I live in a city that does not have a lot of people and all of…

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Looking for another camera.

Looking for a compact digital camera. This is the spot for taking notes. I want a small camera with a decent lens that takes raw images. It must also have manual F-stop and aperture settings.  I take a lot of pictures from my bike like this one.  My Samsung Galaxy Note 3 takes good images,…

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Goals for 2014

Working on some of my artwork using Adobe PhotoShop CS6 Here are my goals for this year.  These goals are personal goals and are not intended to replace any of my normal goals for being the best that I can be in all of my relationships.  I have found that I can have fun playing…

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