Snowmageddon in Albany Georgia

 Last night there was a light dusting of snow that fell
on Albany, GA.  The near panic that preceded this icy precipitation down here was so extreme that even fast food restaurants were closing early on Tuesday afternoon.

Fortunately I live in a city that does not have a lot of people and all of the roads are flat.  One of the advantages in living in a less densely populated area is that when there is a weather storm there are less people to panic.  Living in a less densely populated area can also be a disadvantage when it comes to getting services and supplies close by, but this time things worked out OK.

 Today I have the day off because of this light dusting of snow.  I am glad to have a day to work on some home projects.

One of the projects that I worked on last night was I entered a contest to design the next jersey for my cycling group, Bicycling Commuter Cabal.