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Archive for March 2014

Big Hickory Tree Takes Out My BBQ Pit

On 3/30/2014 I had just returned from a late afternoon drive in the country with my wife Sylvia.  I took out the big trash can to the street and as I was walking into my garage I heard this loud popping sound and the snapping of wood.  I looked in the back yard and to…

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Security using Cloud based technology

I wanted to document some of the information that I have used in my work and found on the InterWeb about cloud based computing and data security.  I had a lengthy discussion about this topic with my life partner this past weekend so here are some thoughts on these topics. Secure your data It is…

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Monday Morning Fast Track

Yesterday I watched some YouTube videos on how to fine tune a derailleur.  I had not cleaned my bike in over a month.  It has been cold and I have just been putting White Lightning on the chain when it got to loud during my commute to work.  Well Sunday evening I decided that instead…

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