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Archive for April 2014

Launi Art Catalog

I finally have the time to focus on organizing my drawings on a web site.  Although the photographs are not the best it does show what I like to draw.  As I was looking at the dates I was not surprised that when I am riding my bike more each year my drawing productivity drops.…

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Song for Bob

Every now and then I discover a piece of music that touches my soul so deep that I have to stop and listen to it several times.  The music is from the sound tract “The Assassination of Jesse James”.  Honestly I can not remember if I have seen this movie, but I love this tract.…

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Nice walk on Saturday Afternoon

The late afternoon sun allow Sylvia and I to take a short walk in the Radium Springs Green Space.  This was the home of a golf course that went belly up a few years ago.  It is located just south of Alany, GA. The grass was really high so we stayed on two old golf…

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Wormley Design Website Evolution – part 2

I decided to move the new design into production.  I took the quick sketch logo and drew it in Adobe illustrator so that it would look nice.  I changed the color of the WD test to match the orange color on the template.  I use to have a rapidograph pen in the logo of my former company, CAD…

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Wormley Design Website Evolution.

For some time now I have been working with Joomla, an open source content management system (CMS).  Joomla is used on about about 8% of all of the web sites on the Internet.  I attended a Joomla Day conference in Atlanta last weekend and I learned a lot about the Joomla community both locally in…

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