Song for Bob

Every now and then I discover a piece of music that touches my soul so deep that I have to stop and listen to it several times.  The music is from the sound tract “The Assassination of Jesse James”.  Honestly I can not remember if I have seen this movie, but I love this tract.  The slow moving cadence and the cellos with the violins is so sweet and calming.  The simple piano notes haunt me all though the song like footsteps across a western desert.

Nice walk on Saturday Afternoon

The late afternoon sun allow Sylvia and I to take a short walk in the Radium Springs Green Space.  This was the home of a golf course that went belly up a few years ago.  It is located just south of Alany, GA.

The grass was really high so we stayed on two old golf cart paved paths.  the last time we walked here it was winter and the grass was really short so we walked all of the course.

Wormley Design Website Evolution – part 2

I decided to move the new design into production.  I took the quick sketch logo and drew it in Adobe illustrator so that it would look nice.  I changed the color of the WD test to match the orange color on the template.  I use to have a rapidograph pen in the logo of my former company, CAD Express.  I love to use pens draw with and I love to draw pens.

Wormley Design Website Evolution.

For some time now I have been working with Joomla, an open source content management system (CMS).  Joomla is used on about about 8% of all of the web sites on the Internet.  I attended a Joomla Day conference in Atlanta last weekend and I learned a lot about the Joomla community both locally in the south eastern US, but world wide.

I started on re-designing my personal web site before attending the conference.  I built my last website in static HTML out of rebellion for all CMS systems that I was using for clients and at my day job.  The freedom of building static web pages is still my passion, but I want to really learn Joomla.  One of the ways that I learn technology is by using it, hence the website redesign.  Another reason for the redesign is that I want to consolidate several websites that I manage into one site.  I had a PHP based store, a WordPress blog for poems and a WordPress cartoons that I want to put on one website.  Joomla is up to the task of doing all of this so that is where I am going.

Static HTML site

I am taking screen shots of the evolution of the web site so here is the first batch of images.

This is the website that I had for the past few years.  I am sort of designing the Joomla website to use the basic layout of this site because I still like having a rotating banner on the main page.  Right now this site is located under the Development sub domain of  Not sure how long it will be at this URL, but for now that is where it is.

Current Joomla site

Right now my site has the basic Joomla template that is simple.  I have not migrated all of the content to this site.  I will be coping data from this site to the new site over the next few weeks.

Rocket Theme under development

This website is where I am headed.  I am working on a new logo.  I am experimenting with a new Rocket Theme template.  I want to test some Joomla extensions for creating forms and a store before I move the technology to my main site.  I am really having fun.  Now you know why I do not miss cable TV or games on my computer.  Diving into MySQL, PHP and CSS is more than enough to occupy my brain when I can not be outside riding a bike.