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Archive for January 2015

Digital Signs

I have been in charge of implementing digital signs where I work.  The technology that I chose to deliver and manage the content was Rise Vision.  For a quick tour check out the link.  rise vision is used to power millions of digital signs all over the world. Today I decided to take a picture…

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President Obama, Paving the Way

I rarely write about politics, but here goes. Sometimes I get so fed up with nonsense political babble that I have to read and verify facts and data.  If you have an opposing opinion and have some facts to back up your opinion I would like to hear from you in the comments below. I…

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My old bike commutes in Portland

I will ride this route when I return to Portland, but today I’m driving this route. For now I’m going to give you some pictures from the Chart House which is overlooking a great view of Mount Hood. I use to ride from 15th and HWY 26 to Sulzer Pumps in NW Portland Industrial area.…

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