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Archive for June 2015

Yep, I was (still am) a Hippie

Music Sets Me Free Ever since I can remember I loved music.  I grew up in a house where my mother, La Verne, was a music teacher and taught piano lessons in our home.  My mom was also an elementary school teacher and played and sang in choirs at church. For my fifth birthday my…

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Rainbow and no rain

I cut my bike commute short to ride with the cycle club. The ride was cancelled because it was over 100 degrees at 6 PM. I decided to do some errands. As I came out of Sam’s Club I noticed a large rainbow. I know I am going to have a good time whenever I…

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Hardwood Floors are for Dancing

I forgot how much fun it was to dance on hardwood floors. If you are old enough to remember what a sock hop was then you know what I’m talking about. In the old days back at high school you could not wear street shoes on a gym floor. When they had a dance you…

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Ikea Sink Install

It took me about two and a half weeks to finish installing an Ikea sink in our front powder room.  The sink was no problem, but finding the right plumbing fitting was.  Well today I finally finished it. The problem was that the fitting at the wall was 1-1/4 inches and the sing required 1-1/2…

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Remembering What LBJ Said

My wife +Sylvia Wormley is an economists born and raised in Texas.  She has given me an interesting view of politics and this blog posting validates some of what she has told me over the years. I always try to verify facts when I see an image on social media.  There were so many references to this…

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