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Fun at model air plane meet
Model airplanes that cost about $8k flying in a vertical stall position a few feet above the ground.
Model airplanes that cost about $8k flying in a vertical stall position a few feet above the ground.
Planes on the ground.
Planes on the ground.
Parts of planes that crashed during air racing.

Charging your mobile stuff while camping

I am planning a camping trip this weekend.  It is not a real back woods camping trip. but +Sylvia Wormley and I will be sleeping in a tent with other cyclists in downtown Columbus, GA.  This will be the first time that I have been camping since I have been in the information age.  My last camping experience was way back in 2004 in Big Bend Texas.  At the time I only had a Motorola Razor flip phone.

So now I have a smart phone, blue tooth speaker and a navigation device for my bike to keep charged.  So how do you keep stuff charged up when you do not have an electrical wall socket handy?  Well option one is that I will leave my devices inside of my truck and use the always on power adapters to charge them.  The other option is to use a portable car battery booster.  I was cleaning out my workshop and found my battery charger that

I had not used since I had my trailer.  I thought the battery was dead when it did not hold a charge after leaving it plugged in for two days.  I just checked it today and after two weeks of charging the light comes on using battery power and the status button shows it to be fully charged.  I do not know how long this will last charging my mobile devices, but I will sue it during the Georgia Bike Fest in Columbus, GA. camping adventure.

I think I purchased the PowerPro Quipp auto power 600A | 22Ah from WalMart.  It has a led acid battery so it may not have a lot of life.  I may have to purchase a replacement that is newer that has a gell cell or dry battery.  For now I will use this until it fails.

PowerPro Quipp auto power 600A | 22Ah
When unpluged from wall power the batter shows a full charge.

My Truck Got Washed

I have not washed my 2006 Dodge Ram 3500 Laramie truck in about three years.  I can count on my two hands how many times I have had it washed or detailed on my two hands in the almost ten years that I have owned it.I parked it outside of my house underneath a lot of trees.  It had pine sap and mold growing all over it.  My wife told me to go and get it detailed because it was nasty.

I took my truck to the detail shop on Radium Springs road near the Albany State University campus where I work.  They did a fine job.  It is not too often that I take pictures of a clean truck so enjoy.

You can see some before pictures of the engine here.

The day my batteries died

Today I tried to start my 2006 Dodge Ram 3500 Diesel truck and it would not start.  Sylvia and I ad spent the night in Alpharetta, GA and wee going to breakfast. My heart sank as this is the first time that my truck as left me stranded.

Well we went back to our room and called Farmer’s road side assistance.  After about a 45 minute wait a young man showed up and gave my truck a jump.  I was glad to know it was the batteries.  after it was running I headed to the nearest Dodge dealership to get two new batteries.

When I discussed my truck issues with Roberto at the Palmer Dodge dealership in Roswell, GA, he was amazed that I had gotten 10 years out of my original equipment MoPar batteries.  He said that he normally tells customers to expect 4 years out of batteries.  Now days, he mentioned, new cars have the batteries inside of the vehicle.  the new dry cell batteries last longer because they are not exposed to extreme heat conditions the way a lead acid batter is inside of the engine compartment.  extreme heat and cold wear a battery out.

I was extremely impressed with the service that I received at Palmer Dodge.  I am seriously considering only taking my truck for future repairs and maintenance to this dealership.