Finally Got My Bubba Grills 250R

I finally got my Bubba Grills 250R today.  It was nice to meet +Lonnie Smith today and get some pointers on using the grill.

Wondering what all this reverse flow business is all about?  Check out for more information.

Lonnie Smith (left) gives me a hand shake to seal the deal on my smoker.

The trailer pulls real nice.  I was doing 70 MPH on I-&% on the way home and the trailer tracked true and steady.

Master Bathroom Remodel Weekend Number 20

+Sylvia Wormley and I worked on a floor plan this morning.  I am sure it will change, but here it is.

I finally got all of the walls demolished in the master bathroom.

I am going to have to do some ceiling sheet rock work

I am going to have to do some ceiling sheet rock work.  This hole is above the shower.

I am going to have to do some ceiling sheet rock work.  This hole is above the shower.

Master bedroom is on the left.  Small stub wall is dead center.  This wall may come out.  It currently has the water over flow pipe and a cold water supply to the kitchen.

Wall with insulation has the living room on the other side.  The old shower was here.

Wall with insulation has the living room on the other side.  The moldy plywood flooring will be replaced..

 On one of my trips in the attic today I noticed that the vent pipe for the Jack and Jill bathroom was drooping.  Upon further inspection I found that the original contractor had the vent piping supported by a single nail.  The rooking contractors had knocked it loos when they installed a replacement bathroom fan.  I refitted the pipe, which was unglued and put a temporary wire to support the pipe until I could make a permanent repair.

The support nail is on the left next to the elbow.

The elbow at the right was lose at the horizontal pipe.

I added a wire to support the pipe to prevent it from coming apart.  I will get some wire tape and make a permanent support.

Finally Getting a New Smoker

In May of 2014 I wrote about the Reverse Flow Smoker.  I am happy to say that I have placed an order with Bubba Grills for a 250R on a wide trailer with a bat wing table.  I should have delivery of the smoker in a few weeks.  I have been without a smoker for a few years now since a big hickory tree smashed my old smoker on March 3, 2014.  I like smoking beef brisket.

My old smoker under a pine tree.  The pine tree was one of several trees taken down by the large hickory tree that fell in my backyard.
This shows the optional propane fryer that I am not getting.

This shows the optional propane fryer that I am not getting.

This shows the optional narrow trailer I am not getting.  It does show the rack space.

Outdoor HDTV Yagi Antenna with Motor Rotor, WA2608

I bought on Amazon the WA-2608 and installed antenna this weekend.  I read the reviews for this product and I will admit I was skeptical.  I have a friend here in Albany where I live that recommended this antenna to me.   I trusted his opinion of WA-2608 and purchased the antenna.

The box with the WA-2608

Here is Albany, Georgia there are three local digital over the air stations, 10.1 NBC, 10.2 ABC and 10.3 which was weather until a few weeks ago.  10.3  is now airing old westerns and action movies under the banner of Grit.  There was an old Winegard digital antenna on the chimney when I purchased the house.  It was mounted on a mast pole that also had a really old satellite dish on it.  I removed the dish and added the WA-3608.

old Winegard digital antenna top view

old Winegard digital antenna front view

I had to make an adapter for the transition from the dish mounting to the WA-2608 mounting.  I went to Loews and purchased some 3/4 inch EMT conduit and some 5/16 bolts and made a fitting that would work.  It an”t pretty, but it ain’t going nowhere.

WA-2608 installed using dish chimney mount.

WA-2608 installed using dish chimney mount.
WA-2608 indoor motor control and remote

The completed Ethernet and cable face plate behind my flat screen TV.

Now that the new antenna is installed the channel list as expanded to include CBS, PBS and FOX.  The goal was to be able to get all of the major networks over the air for free.  We have cut the cable for TV, but still have Internet access.

Signal mapping from TVFOOL.COM for my location.

The operation of the antenna is sort of hit and miss.  For $35 I am pleased with the fact that the antenna works as described.  I am sure that there are more expensive antennas that provide precise information about the direction the antenna is pointing.  I have the antenna pointed in a general south east direction from my home and it is picking up the additional stations so I have the unit powered down at the moment.  I do not think I will have to rotate the antenna to get anymore stations as there are only the same networks in the area and few independent stations within reach. My wife, +Sylvia Wormley says that the new antenna improved the color quality of the three local stations as well.  My wife is happy with the increased performance of the antenna over the old one so I am too.