First Brisket on Bubba Grills 250R

My wonderful smoker

On Saturday I started smoking a brisket at 1:30 PM.  The brisket was not done until Sunday morning at 8 AM.  This brisket was my longest smoke to date at 19 hours.  This brisket was also a test brisket on my new Bubba Grills 250R smoker.

I am going to post a few pictures of the smoke.

Here is the brisket that I bought from Sam’s Club.  It is about 11 pounds and was $4.50 per pound.
I was told by Lonnie Smith the owner of Bubba Grills that the best way to prepare the inside of the new smoker was to spare it with PAM.  I took two cans and sprayed the inside of the smoker and the racks.
I used my shop vacuum to get debris out of the smoker before applying the PAM

Here is my wood pile that has been sitting for two years.
One of the nice features of this smoker is the propane starter.  I will never have to scramble for kindling.  When my fire almost went out at 3 AM, all I had to do was light the propane and let it burn for 2 minutes and my logs were going again.
One mistake that I made was that I put too much wood at the start.  I was still in the paradigm of my old smoker.  Next time I will use a lot less wood to start my fire.
Fire box with fire.
+Sylvia Wormley made a wonderful dry rub for the brisket
Brisket is in the smoker’s top rack
This is where I tried to keep the temperature for the brisket.  It was easy to keep this temperature once I found the sweet spot of not adding too much wood to the firebox at one time.
We added some rib eye steaks for an impromptu dinner.  My neighbor bought the steaks over and she had a nice Food Network temperature probe.  I used this for my brisket after the steaks were done.
Brisket has the temperature probe
This is another firebox image showing the ideal amount of wood that will put out the required heat for slow cooking for a brisket

The finished temperature for the brisket
Slicing the brisket

Slicing the brisket
Here is the presentation plate of brisket