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Archive for August 2016

My First VLAN

I have decided to learn more about computer networking.  I have always had a small network in my home.  I first started to learn networking when I set up a Linux and BSD server back in the last century.  I got a phone modem and connected to the Internet and set up my first web…

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Yubikey Nano I bought my second Yubikey as a backup.  It came in the mail yesterday.  I wanted to start securing my data and every reference document for Yubikey advised getting a backup key to use incase you lost the first one.  I lose a lot of stuff so I decided to follow this sound…

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Workshop Bench Drawer Construction

I have never constructed a drawer from with a bottom that is glued into slots on the sides created using a router.  The last workshop bench that I built was in Portland, and I just nailed a box together and put in on a shelf below the bench.  It did not have slides and when…

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Dog Days Of Summer Work Shop Bench

I got a big fan to help out with the hot humid weather.  Having a little breeze while working in a garage or out on the driveway really helps. This past Friday, Saturday and Sunday I worked to finish the frames for the two six foot work benches for my shop.  I had an office…

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