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Archive for November 2016

Truck Camper Ideas

History I am in the market for a truck camper.  I use to own a Grand Junction fifth wheel, but now I am thinking about a camper. I am interested in a truck camper because they are cheaper than a fifth wheel and easier to store.  Our current home does not have the room to…

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Mr. Robot Season 2 Episode 11

Defeat can still be profitable.”   ~Phillip Price, eCorp CEO I am watching what I think is one of the best geek based political social economic stories I have seen ever!  If you think that Idiocracy foretells the future watch Mr. Robot.

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Zootopia, Back to the Ostrich Party

I just watched Zootopia on my computer today.  I love good animation with a good story line and Zootopia was just what I needed to adjust to the election of the 45th President of the United States.  I have heard that Zootopia was a good film and I was moved to tears at times as I…

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