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My MariaDB Cluster, Finally

This is the first node in the cluster showing the size as three. I usually do not struggle getting something to work on a server.  I wanted to get a MariaDB 10.1 cluster going for development purposes and to learn more about clusters.  I started following documentation on CentOs7 for about 2 weeks and then…

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SE Linux baby steps

Maybe not a big deal for most, but I figured out what was wrong with my uplod issues.  I had to configure my directories that needed to have files uploaded to them for read write in the SE Linux context.  Here is the command I ran on my Word Press content directories. chcon -R -t…

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Nightmares on Wax – Argha Noah

One of my favorite “Chill” tracks.  I discovered this a few years back while listening to SomaFM Groove Salad.  I have since changed from listening to SomaFM and Pandora to Spotify.  I have had Nightmares on Wax in my playlist for a while, but never this track.  Today I decided to search for it and…

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