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Archive for January 2018

SmartThings garage door opener

Finally after years of research and lamenting about which technology I was going to use for my smart garage door opener I bit the bullet and bought one. I went with the Linear GD00Z-4 Z-Wave controller so that I can hook it into my SmartThings Hub. My garage door opener is very old and was…

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Aquasana whole house water filter change

Today was the day to change water filters. The large brown water filter in this image is the filter that I change every 3 months. The small black filter is the filter that I change every six months. Both of these filters start off being white as shown in the photograph. The larger filter is…

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Wormley Design gets a face lift

Wormley Design, (WD) got a new look and feel today. I had let the site languish in an unfinished state for several months.  I wanted to link the WD site to my new graphics site.  I was in a restaurant in Tallahassee last evening and I met the owner.  The woman that owns the Cypress Restaurant displays artist artwork…

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