The Night My Netgear Orbi Died

As a retired IT geek that started working on the Internet before it even had a browser that would load pictures, I am not amazed at what can happen to network equipment. Last night my Netgear Oribi wireless router died. I will not go into the details of explaining the green blinking light syndrome, but you can Google the forums for the many instances of this problem. The dead Oribi is not why I am writing this blog entry.

8 years of retired Cisco Meraki Equipment
8 years of retired Cisco Meraki Equipment

I bought the Oribi a few months ago as I was coming to the end of a wonderful ride with the Cisco Meraki networking equipment. I thought at the time it would be a nice start to getting back into consumer-grade networking after having lived with enterprise remote office networking equipment for almost eight years. Well, last night that all ended. It was late after many failed attempts to reset the Oribi, I went to bed with the decision that I would build a Linux firewall router in the morning to keep my network up until new Ubiquiti equipment arrives via Amazon on Saturday.

Open Source to the rescue!

So I have not done this Linux fire drill in a long time, but I started at about 10 AM today and I have the wired network up and running. I am using an old hub so only 4 devices can get on the Internet, but that is enough for all of the streaming media devices, Plex server, and my laptop to get some work done. So as a tech guy who is retired, it is a joy to have to do a fire drill every once in a while just to get some mental exercise.