My eye protection for shopping during CORVID-19

Some of my social media friends have asked me about the goggles that I am wearing during this pandemic. I purchased these goggles at Harbor Freight (HF). I could not find a link for them on the HF website, so I took some photos of mine. I have some links to similar goggles on Amazon. You can also find these at Grainger Industrial Supply.

The only relevant markings on my googles that return any results when searching are this item number, SG271.

There are large slots on the googles near where your temples are so that your eyeglass’ arms can fit so that they do not crush against your face. This also allows the googles to fit as close as possible to your face.

Top view of googles showing clearance on my forehead
Top view of goggles showing clearance on my forehead
Bottom view of googles showing clearance on my cheek s
Bottom view of goggles showing clearance on my cheek s
Side view of googles on my head
Side view of goggles on my head

I like these goggles. They are a little tricky to put on over my very large glasses, but once they are on and properly positioned, they feel great. My wife Sylvia did some research and found that spraying them with a solution of alcohol to decontaminate them. Then I leave them on the dash of my truck so that the sun can heat them and kill anything on them until I need them again.

Links to goggles

Stay TF (Ten Feet) Away 5K

Today I participated in a fun social distancing event. The event, Stay TF Away 5K was a fundraiser for a local running shop, Wildside Running.

I have been speed walking for a few years since I can no longer run like I want to. I do distance cycling instead. I do like to get out and speed walk through my neighborhood so this gave me a chance to time myself and help contribute some money to a good cause. I like supporting local businesses.

Building a platform bed frame for my truck

Today I completed a quick project for my truck. Last week I got a great deal on a slightly used Leer fiberglass truck bed topper for my 2006 Dodge Ram 3500 mega-cab. I have been wanting one for some time and decided to get it. The main goal for the topper was to serve as an additional protected and secure place to store items when my wife Sylvia and I go on long trips or shopping.

I watched a few YouTube videos and decided to build a platform that could double as a sleeping area plus provide more storage options for gear. My goal was to use as much wood as I had on hand and the platform had to be able to be removed and installed without any tools.

I did have to buy some 2x4s, but the sheet goods were left over from the repairs that I did a few months ago on the platform bed that we use each night in the house. I used construction screws for the joinery as I had plenty on hand. I used 2×4 joist hangers for the supports that also keep the side rails in place.

The nice thing about this platform is that if I need to use the whole bed for something, I can easily take all of the wood out of the bed and strap it on the roof racks above the cab and put the large item in the truck bed.

Shopping during the Albany Dougherty County Georgia shelter in place restrictions

Today for the first time in 2 weeks I had to go shopping at Sam’s Club. The last time I was in Sam’s Club I was wearing a mask and Goggles and there was no one in sight that was protected. This time when I went to Sam’s Club they were a few of people that were wearing mask and gloves but the majority of the people were not observing any type of social distancing and they were not wearing any type of protection face or hand protection.

I cover my hair and my ears. I wear goggles that seal against my face to protect my eyes. I am wearing a face mask that has a ventilator that allows me to breath out without pushing the mask away from my face so that when I breathe in the ventilator closes and air can only come through the filter. My body is completely covered and I have disposable gloves on. I take all of these gear off before entering my house. My truck interior like the seat, after a few hours, will be decontaminated because of the heat generated from sitting in the sun.

Albany, Georgia and Dougherty County Georgia are the hotspot for a large portion of the COVID-19 cases in the state of Georgia for the population density in this rural area. If you look at any other statistics or any of the graphs it shows that Albany Georgia has the highest number of colonel virus cases and the state. It amazes me that there are a lot of people that are still walking ran like there’s nothing to be afraid of and are not taking this seriously.

Sylvia watched some YouTube videos that discussed how to decontaminate your food packaging after you shop. I will post one article to reference scientific facts about COVID-19, but I would strongly suggest that you educate yourself and take the precautions that you feel best to meet your needs.

Neeltje van Doremalen, a virologist at the US National Institutes of Health (NIH), and her colleagues at the Rocky Mountain Laboratories in Hamilton, Montana, have done some of the first tests of how long Sars-CoV-2 can last for on different surfaces. Their study, which has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine, shows that the virus could survive in droplets for up to three hours after being coughed out into the air. Fine droplets between 1-5 micrometres in size – about 30 times smaller than the width of a human hair – can remain airborne for several hours in still air.

It means that the virus circulating in unfiltered air conditioning systems will only persist for a couple of hours at the most, especially as aerosol droplets tend to settle on surfaces faster in disturbed air.

But the NIH study found that the Sars-CoV-2 virus survives for longer on cardboard – up to 24 hours – and up to 2-3 days on plastic and stainless-steel surfaces. (Learn how to clean your mobile phone properly.)

Covid-19: How long does the coronavirus last on surfaces?

By Richard Gray17th March 2020

Only time will tell if all of the protocols that I am following are really working. This blog post is just letting you know what I’ve done to protect myself while shopping at Sam’s Club. If it works you’ll hear more from me, and if it doesn’t well, you will not.

When there are no tests, then there is no pandemic.

Rand Paul said today…

I did not quarantine while awaiting a coronavirus test because I did not meet the criteria for quarantine. In fact, I did not meet the current criteria for even being tested, much less quarantined.

I have not had an encounter with anyone that health officials recommended quarantining or testing.

I took the test because my wife and I had traveled extensively during the weeks prior to COVID-19 social distancing practices, and I am at a higher risk for serious complications from the virus due to having part of my lung removed seven months ago.

I did attend Louisville’s Speed Art Museum charity ball on March 7. Unlike the other Kentucky government officials there, I had zero contact or proximity with either of the two individuals who later announced they were positive for COVID-19. The event was a large affair of hundreds of people spread throughout the museum.

The Metro Louisville Communicable Disease department announced that “those who public health officials consider at higher risk from possible exposure are being notified,” according to the museum’s director, Stephen Reily.”

Read more on USA Today

Fables become reality

I am reminded of the fable “The Emporer’s New Clothes“. As a child, I was amazed about how the Emporer’s staff let him parade around naked to his subjects until a babe pointed out the truth.

The ruse that the tailor told to the Emporer was that only the very sophisticated people could see the clothes played on people’s vanity. In reality, it takes a truly self-aware person to realize their failings and that they may know everything or that they have made a mistake.

Today with this Coronavirus spreading unchecked in the United States I am reminded of this parable and hope that as a society we take a hard look at the emperor’s new clothes and see them for what they are, smoke and mirrors.

When there are no tests, then there is no pandemic.…/TheEmperorsNewClothes_e.html

The Night My Netgear Orbi Died

As a retired IT geek that started working on the Internet before it even had a browser that would load pictures, I am not amazed at what can happen to network equipment. Last night my Netgear Oribi wireless router died. I will not go into the details of explaining the green blinking light syndrome, but you can Google the forums for the many instances of this problem. The dead Oribi is not why I am writing this blog entry.

8 years of retired Cisco Meraki Equipment
8 years of retired Cisco Meraki Equipment

I bought the Oribi a few months ago as I was coming to the end of a wonderful ride with the Cisco Meraki networking equipment. I thought at the time it would be a nice start to getting back into consumer-grade networking after having lived with enterprise remote office networking equipment for almost eight years. Well, last night that all ended. It was late after many failed attempts to reset the Oribi, I went to bed with the decision that I would build a Linux firewall router in the morning to keep my network up until new Ubiquiti equipment arrives via Amazon on Saturday.

Open Source to the rescue!

So I have not done this Linux fire drill in a long time, but I started at about 10 AM today and I have the wired network up and running. I am using an old hub so only 4 devices can get on the Internet, but that is enough for all of the streaming media devices, Plex server, and my laptop to get some work done. So as a tech guy who is retired, it is a joy to have to do a fire drill every once in a while just to get some mental exercise.

Why I wear a Santa Hat during the Winter Solstice Season.

Sometimes I have to ask myself and ponder why where Santa Claus hat during the holiday season.

Today I was in Sam’s Club and there was a long line of people checking out and as I getting getting close the door two older women with to shopping carts that were overflowing with stuff cut in front of me. The woman behind me and I we each had one item and I heard the women behind me mutter “I can’t believe they’re cutting in line”

The 2 older woman heard this and they turned around and looked at me and said “Oh do you wanna go first?”.

I replied “if I was in a hurry I would have never come in here you’re fine”.

As they proceeded to go to get their items checked I looked at the woman behind me and I said “this is why I wear this hat because it really makes me a much nicer person during this time of year” and she just smiled and laughed and we both walked out of the store together .

Then and Now

This is a photograph of me that was generated by the Google photo assistant. The image on the left was taken sometime around 2008 or 2009. The image on the right is me in May of 2019. The two images speak for themselves.

March Sunday Drive

Today started out with me trying to fix my radio so the Android play would work. I didn’t get it configured but I decided I felt like taking a drive and listening to music. I ended up looping from Albany, GA up to Brownwood, Dawson, Cuthbert, Eufaula, Ft. Gains and back home.

I did some hiking on the rail trail at Eufaula and also hiked around the dam so I got in a lot of exercise today.

Sunday Drive from Albany, GA Cuthbert, GA to Eufaula, AL to Ft. Gains, GA back home.

SiteGround GoGeek Upgrade

My SiteGround Account

The Migration

This weekend I started migrating all pf my websites on my SiteGround to my GoGeek account. I moved one of my two GoBig accounts to a GoGeek account last weekend. I originally had a lot of StartUp accounts for all of my domains several years ago. This consolidation of ten domains and about 20 web sites that I maintain on one server has been bugging me for about a year. I finally decided in 2019 to go ahead and do it.

I was nervous about moving my three WordPress multi-sites to a new web-server. I got SiteGound support to move under the one free website migration offer. My other multi-site,, I moved myself. I had to change the domain because it was using a sub-domain and it would not work on the new server. I had a different domain for this site, but let it go. now the new domain name is working just fine.

One the advantages of consolidating all of my web properties onto one server is that I am saving money on SSL certificates. Paying for one wildcard certificate on one server and using Lets Encrypt for all of the websites on the same server saves the cost of getting a SSL certificate for each website.

I have been using SiteGround for web hosting since January 29, 2007. Tomorrow I will have been with SiteGround for 12 years. I cannot remember why I left my previous host, but I am sure it was based on price.

Anyway this is just a little write up on my migration to one hosting server. It will make my web development life a little easier.

List of some of the web sites on my GoGeek server