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I have finally found a YouTube video that explains exactly what I want to do. I have an outdoor generator and I’ve been researching the interweb on the best way to easily connect a mobile generator to my house power if there’s a storm. This video easily explains how to do this. I’m very familiar with working with electricity and the solution is something that I can easily do by myself.

Pneumatic air hose in my garage

Hose reel

Hose Reel

I finally have a Pneumatic air hose on a retractable reel in my garage. I got it on sale at Lowe’s with one of my 50% off coupons that I got this summer. I’ve had the compressor for some time and I’ve always had pneumatic hoses tubes airbrush equipment. I’ve always wanted to have one of these reels in my garage and I finally got one installed.

This Anthem Has Taken My Mind.

I love this music from the song i.l.m. from the group Aether.  When I first heard this a few weeks ago I loved it.  I find myself listening to this song over and over in stretches during the week.  It is rare that I find music that is so enchanting and mesmerizing that I cannot stop listening to it.  This is what I like about Spotify.  Yes, I have favorites from Joni Mitchell to Miles Davis on the Allman Brothers and
Tedeschi Trucks Band. The discovery of new music that I have never heard before is why I keep paying for the Spotify subscription.

There are few advances in technology that I can point to that have benefited my sanity on this planet, and that is music delivery.  I love live music, but my bread and butter is a good set of headphones and Spotify.  When I listen to music my mind can fly anywhere I want.  When I listen to music I like to draw my dreams.  Music online the other technologies that I do allows me to have music while I draw or develop websites.  This tune is especially a means for me to have the deepest feeling of serenity.

Sometimes life gets in the way of a New Year's resolution

So in the year 2016, I started working on setting up a new graphics website to display my artwork and house a store.  I started the site redesign around the holidays late in 2016 and through new year in 2017.  I was recuperating from a broken hip so I had time off from work to focus on the project.  Well, I went back to work and started exercising when I could walk without a walker and the personal web design got dropped to the bottom of the task list.

Well, I am happy to say that I finally have a presentable and working website for my artwork.  The new site is Launi Art,  I moved all of my personal web development to Word Press.  I slowly transitioned away from any web freelance work so that I could focus on my home renovations and my artwork.  I have so many ideas for projects besides drawing and painting that I want to do. Having a working store is a real milestone for me.  I am using WooCommerce for my store.  It was easy to set up and test.

So as you can see it takes me a long time to get a new years resolution completed.  I like making up my own goals and games in life.  I am much harder on myself that you would think when making up my games.  One of the games that I played in 2015 after being almost killed by a motorist while riding to work in 2014, was to ride my bike 10,000 miles in one year.  I did it, but I did not have time to do anything else that year but ride, work, eat and sleep. New Year’s resolutions can be a burden to some, but I enjoy them because I know that I can make them up facer the challenge of doing them.

Getting this website up was a labor of love that spanned a few years.  I am as you would expect never finished with a website.  It will evolve, change and grow from here on out, but I am happy with it for now.

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All In all It's Just another Pivet in The Wall

Stop killing the environment around your home.

Do you use chemicals on your yard to kill weeds and promote grass growth?  Do you throw news paper and cardboard in the trash?  If you do any of these things and want to help make the earth a better place for all life, consider the methods that +Sylvia Wormley is doing in our yard.

I worked 17 days straight working on the new ASU Website. So today on my first full day off in a long time I helped my wife continue her work a bed in our front yard that is home to a privacy hedge that boarders our property on the east side.  We are using organic methods to make a nice home for privets that we are moving from places in our yard to form a privacy screen.  I want to do more research as to the specific type of privet that we are planting.

Loading up the truck with compost from Lawn Barber in Terrell County, GA

Building healthy soil

The first layer of the bed is compost.  The second layer is newspaper or cardboard which gives carbon to the soil as it breaks down.  The third layer is the mulch that we have been given for free from a tree service.

Sylvia Wormley getting ready to build good soil.

This is a hole for a new tree.  compost is added to the bottom of the hole.

Cardboard from Amazon shipping is used to block the grass and to add carbon to the soil as it breaks down.

Then I add a three inch layer of mulch on top.

Design like nature

One thing I like about working with natural materials in the yard is that when we are finished the bed it looked like it was meant to be there.  Yards that have bright read wood chips do not break down and nourish the plants.  Pine straw looks really nice, but it does not prevent weeds from poking through.  Sylvia and I promote weeds or dandelions.  We put dandelion leaves on our salads.