Why I wear a Santa Hat during the Winter Solstice Season.

Sometimes I have to ask myself and ponder why where Santa Claus hat during the holiday season.

Today I was in Sam’s Club and there was a long line of people checking out and as I getting getting close the door two older women with to shopping carts that were overflowing with stuff cut in front of me. The woman behind me and I we each had one item and I heard the women behind me mutter “I can’t believe they’re cutting in line”

The 2 older woman heard this and they turned around and looked at me and said “Oh do you wanna go first?”.

I replied “if I was in a hurry I would have never come in here you’re fine”.

As they proceeded to go to get their items checked I looked at the woman behind me and I said “this is why I wear this hat because it really makes me a much nicer person during this time of year” and she just smiled and laughed and we both walked out of the store together¬†.

Then and Now

This is a photograph of me that was generated by the Google photo assistant. The image on the left was taken sometime around 2008 or 2009. The image on the right is me in May of 2019. The two images speak for themselves.