Air Conditioning, Reliable Inverter, Off Grid, Solar and Batteries

I really like this YouTube channel. Watching this video of this air conditioner that’s cooling such a large space gives me confidence that I can use an air conditioner in my small Studio project that I am planning. Planning a backyard Studio that will be set up to use solar panels to power an air conditioner is my Holy Grail. I want to size my solar panels and my battery Bank to run an air conditioner and some lights.

How to Install Home Solar Storage

In this video you can see how Enphase technologies can allow a hybrid system for a homeowner. Solar panels can gather electricity during the day and it can be stored in batteries for use at night or for use the on cloudy days when there is not enough solar power. This system can also continue to use the grid when required.

Applied Building Science in Santa Rosa California and install the solution in your home. You can contact John Sutter for a consultation.

Building a Solar Powered Workshop

Ideally this is the project that I want to do in my backyard. Since hurricane Michael came along I have a lot of sunshine around my property because we lost about thirty five trees due to the storm. Now that I have a lot more knowledge about solar panels and batteries based on my research over the last few days I am confident that this type of solution can be done to power a workshop.

Tesla Model S battery charger

On the DYI culture around Tesla batteries. I am constantly amazed at how the tech industry really inspires people to hack Tesla technology. This video shows a company that is actively promoting a product for a specific niche in the Solar do-it-yourself Arena. I am considering using a Tesla battery in my solar solution but I also want to be able to charge it with Shore power, AC power.

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