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Convert RHEL 6 to CentOS 6.3

Every so often I search the Internet and I find what I am looking for to solve a problem.  This site has all of the steps to do what I wanted to do.  I have a server at my house that has been turned off for a few months.  It had an expired RHEL 6…

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Delta Flight 1849 Free WiFi

I have to be greatful for having two wireless devices on this flight.  I thought that I could only get 30 minutes of free WiFi for each device. I started on my iPAD and when the service expired after 30 minutes I tried to refresh the web page and it still wanted me to pay.…

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Solution: To change this behavior, edit the /root/.bashrc file and comments out or remove the alias line that adds the -i argument to the cp command:# alias cp=cp -iThe changes should take affect when a new user session is started or the /root/.bashrc file has been sourced in the current session.Update:Several astute readers mailed us…

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Chrome OS

I have been running the Chrome OS on my ASUS NetBook for about a week.  I really like it and Chrome OS has broken the strangle hold that my iPad has had as my preferred mobile computing device.  The only reason that I use my iPad is because it has 3G built in.  If my…

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Two Tomcat servers running at once

I have not done this is a while.  I wanted to get Alfresco running on my home server with a preexisting standard Tomcat installed.  It works. Now I want to get Dynamic DNS working so I can start using the Alfresco portal for storing my stuff. I got the Dynamic DNS to work.  Right now…

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My home

This is my home. Here is a slide show of 537_Wiltshire Drive.  This is a Perry Home and I love it. Even though Sylvia and I do not have things un-packed nor do we have the home furnished the way that we want we are happy.

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